• GameTheNews Initiative 2012-2018 – A Retrospective

    NOTE: This post was written by our Production and Design Director, Tomas Rawlings and published by our Community Manager, hence the author being Jake Connor. The words and thoughts are all Tomas’s. Thanks! This article was written when we decided that our GameTheNews newsgaming initiative will be folded into the main work of Auroch Digital. […]

  • Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

    To buy the game via Paypal, check out the options below! For more information about the game scroll down past the purchasing options.   Order Now (UK & Rest of World) – PayPal Game Postage UK £20.00 GBPEurope £27.00 GBPRest of the world £32.00 GBP Game + Limited Edition Expansion Pack Postage UK £28.00 GBPEurope […]

  • Jack the Ripper: Shadow Over Whitechapel

    In 1888 a series of murders happened that shocked the world. The killer was never caught and has gone into history with the infamous title, ‘Jack the Ripper’. What are the reasons that Jack the Ripper remains arguably the world’s most infamous serial killer over 125 years after his crimes? Is it the shocking brutality […]

  • NarcoGuerra

           “NarcoGuerra is Risk applied to the war on drugs; it’s hard, it’s political, it’s really quite good.” PCGamesN “…a unique and surprising handheld strategy experience.” Penny Arcade Report “This is a good quality game that delicately handles a difficult topic and does so without proselytizing.” Today In Gaming App of the Week […]

  • Endgame: Syria

        “…not only a brave initiative [but] a great game..” AppsZoom.com – Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of the ongoing civil war.  Can you make the choices to win peace as well as war? Updated! Version 2.1 is now on PC, Mac and Android. Version 1.2 is available to play here as HTML5 and on Facebook (note if you […]

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