• NarcoGuerra


           “NarcoGuerra is Risk applied to the war on drugs; it’s hard, it’s political, it’s really quite good.” PCGamesN “…a unique and surprising handheld strategy experience.” Penny Arcade Report “This is a good quality game that delicately handles a difficult topic and does so without proselytizing.” Today In Gaming App of the Week …

  • cowcrushweb

    Cow Crusher

             Run your own meat processing plant and ensure that its 100% beef in this fun game and irreverent comment on the speed and mechanisation of our food production processes. In ‘Cow Crusher’ you need to hit the right button to squish the cows into the right meat product to keep the quality high.  But watch …

  • SyriaTitle_gtn3

    Endgame: Syria

                    “…not only a brave initiative [but] a great game..” AppsZoom.com - Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of the ongoing civil war.  Can you make the choices to win peace as well as war? Updated! Version 2.1 is now on PC, Mac and Android. Version 1.2 is available to play here as …

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