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GameTheNews Initiative 2012-2018 – A Retrospective

NOTE: This post was written by our Production and Design Director, Tomas Rawlings and published by our Community Manager, hence […]

RPS plays Real Lives and writes a fascinating diary to document their experiences

If you’ve not yet played Real Lives, then the Rock Paper Shotgun team’s diary of their time with it will […]

#Hacked – Syria’s Electronic Armies is Al Jazeera’s disquieting look at the hard realities of cyberwarfare – GameTheNews Exclusive Interview

Can you give us a brief description of #Hacked? #Hacked – Syria’s Electronic Armies is a real-life investigation into Syria’s […]

Have you Gamed the News?

At GameTheNews, we are always on the lookout for projects that parallel, educate or comment on real-world events such politics, […]

Donald Trump in ‘Supreme Ruler’ DLC

Supreme Ruler, developed by BattleGoat studios, has recently been updated with new DLC, called Trump Rising… and it’s as scary […]

Game the Election! It’s Ballot Bots

GameTheNews has been working with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat to produce a game tied in to the upcoming UK general […]

Alpha and Omega-3: Camelina Caper

  Camelina Caper is a light-hearted glimpse into the work of Rothamsted Research, produced for the BBSRC Great British Bioscience […]

Snowdon’s Endless Run – The Game

The NSA hacking story, brought to light by the leaks of Edward Snowdon are currently major news and will be […]

Call of Moral Duty – Making Games for Change

We’ve been making newsgames with the aim of engaging people with real world issues such as the war in Syria […]