CFBDSIR2149 Was Alone

Can you guide the orphan planet CFBDSIR2149 though the depths of space, avoiding bad suns and black holes to its destiny in this fun game?

Inspired by the story on the discovery of the first nomad planet — a planet roaming space without a sun — we thought of the indie game hit Thomas Was Alone (Steam link) and wanted to pay homage to that as we realised that this nomad planet, CFBDSIR2149, was alone too. So we built a game that looks at the phenomena and follows the story of CFBDSIR2149’s future and the search to find something worth orbiting.

This game was originally featured on Wired. Click here for more information on GameTheNews and Wired’s collaborations on newsgames, created to inspire debate and raise awareness.

Embedding the Game in your Article

You are welcome to embed this game on your site.  If you wish to do so, cut and paste the text below into the HTML editor of your site:

<iframe src=”” width=”455″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Some blogging systems (such as currently don’t let you embed a HTML5 object, so if you use such a system and want to embed the game, you’ll need to do so via an image and a link:

<a href=””><img alt=”CFBDSIR2149 Was Alone Image” src=”” /></a>


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