GameTheNews has been fortunate enough to collaborate on a number of different projects with a range of groups and individuals.


Bristol University
Zombeetle was based on research from the University of Bristol’s School of Earth Sciences. This was a game created to be part of an exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition and also a news item about that event too!

Transform: Drug Policy Foundation
The Transform Drug Policy Foundation is a charitable organization which specializes in getting the public to focus on current drug legislation. We worked with Transform to find out about the drug trade and how it works to inform the creation of one of our games, NarcoGuerra. works to abolish slavery across the globe. We worked with them on the creation of a game about cotton-picking, using their expertise to inform our development.

Wired UK was launched in April 2009 and is an off shot of the original American publication. It reports primarily on science and technology, covering topics including design, architecture, culture, the economy, politics and philosophy. During 2012 GameTheNews worked up a number of titles for their more popular news stories Glow Racer being the first. View the article here.

Abertay University
The Abertay Prototype fund provides grants for small businesses based in the UK concentrating on interactive digital content and games. They supported us with a grant at the birth of!

The Pervasive Media Studio
The Pervasive Media Studio is a creative technologies collaboration between Watershed, University of West of England and University of Bristol. They supported us with space to work in at the birth of!