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Your World, Made Playable.

Newton Mini-game from Gamify Your PhD (Produced by Auroch Digital, developed by Mobile Pie)

Put GTN’s expertise in the rapid creation of viral fun, to work gaming your news! We have opportunities for our crack team of game-hackers to create content for you at varying times from a single day upwards. We can place this game celebrating your product, event or service into our GTN network, a rapidly expanding fan-base, to play and engage with.

We can also help embed the game onto your website or the pages of bloggers, journalists and writers allowing the almost seamless placement of a fully playable game wherever it needs to be. We can complement this with stats, heuristics and much more giving you realtime feedback about how people are enjoying this unique gaming experience.

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Your Words, Made Playable.

An irreverent comment on the speed and mechanisation of our food production processes

Reach millions of online & mobile gamers across the globe with your targeted advertising campaign.

GTN has a growing audience of what we like to call ABC1 Gamers; people who see games as part of their everyday lives, from casual players through to hardcore fans who have an interest in the wider world. For the casual users, the simplicity of the games is the attraction, for the hardcore gamers, it is the intelligence of the gaming take on news and current events that fits. The ABC1 gamer is akin to the audience of sites like The Onion or the Daily Mash; “The Onion typically reaches a very good demographic of smart young people, university age or older who are in household formation age, or slightly before that and are making decisions about relationships they are going to have with important brands.”

Gamers attach positive experiences to gameplay; People generally report positive experiences from playing games. They are learning in ways that might surprise us, such as developing patience and perseverance.” Gamers also see games as a vehicle to explore wider issues: a recent US survey found that 52% of gamers report playing games where they think about moral and ethical issues.

Games have reach, engagement and currency. Is it not time to explore how this can work for you?

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