Cow Crusher

Cow Crusher gameplay - free to play above as HTML5 or on Android.

Run your own meat processing plant and ensure that its 100% beef in this fun game and irreverent comment on the speed and mechanisation of our food production processes. In ‘Cow Crusher’ you need to hit the right button to squish the cows into the right meat product to keep the quality high.  But watch out for horses in the works – too many horses in the mix and you’ll get shut-down!  It’s all cow, all the way in Cow Crusher!

This is a game by, newsgame correspondents to planet earth and was created in around 3 days. The game will no longer be available on Apple products with the iOS 11 update.

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  1. I don’t think it really got the message across to me. It wasn’t really violent enough, and the game was pretty boring.

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