GlowRacer 2013

Welcome to the future of driving! This game explores the concept of smart roads, putting you in the driving seat of a trip into the future.

Inspired by the fascinating story of smart roads, we wondered what it would be like to drive on such a surface that glowed in the dark. In GlowRacer, below, it’s 2013 and you need to swerve left and right to drive as long as possible, avoiding the other vehicles and collect the bonuses — especially the batteries to keep your car connected to the smart road. When your battery drops to zero, the road switches off. You can also save battery power by switching it off yourself (space is on/off). See how long you can drive for!

This game took us about 4 days to make.  It was first featured on – click here for more information on GameTheNews and Wired’s collaborations on newsgames, created to inspire debate and raise awareness.

Embedding the Game in your Article

You are welcome to embed this game on your site.  If you wish to do so, cut and paste the text below into the HTML editor of your site:

<iframe src=”” width=”455″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Some blogging systems (such as currently don’t let you embed a HTML5 object, so if you use such a system and want to embed the game, you’ll need to do so via an image and a link:

<a href=””><img alt=”glow racer image” src=”” width=”455″ height=”318″ /></a>



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  1. Yes i agree it is good game,but also i think that Endgame: Syria is a nice game too (for me even better) so it is all about what people like.

  2. Interesting game,especially when my battery goes off. Anyway i like this game much more than Endgame: Syria , i am too tired of those violent games on PC,TV and in real life.

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