Your World, Made Playable.

If there is a social topic, current or historical event, or other real-world theme that you would like to explore using the medium of interactive media, then Auroch Digital’s GameTheNews initiative can work with you to turn your ideas into reality. Our work ranges from lightweight and straight-forward projects where we bring together chosen themes into a simple playable experience, in order to inspire debate or raise awareness of a topic, to more ambitious and experimental projects which allow users to experience a setting or idea in a way they’ve never been able to before.

We’ve worked on titles centred around news and current events which are hugely complicated and and lack a simple solution, such as NarcoGuerra, which puts you in the position of Chief of Police in the staggeringly violent War on Drugs; to some, an almost unwinnable endeavour. Endgame: Syria meanwhile places you in the heart of the Syrian civil war, and was made to highlight the plight of the people forced into this conflict. We pride ourselves on finding the right balance between an engaging playable experience and an informative, eye-opening and honest piece of media.


Sharing and promoting the work we produce is also a part of our service, enabling even larger and more diverse audiences to experience the work and spread the word. We often produce content featuring divisive subjects or current events (such as our work on the highly controversial Endgame: Syria, which had to change its title to gain App Store eligibility), therefore the publicising of these kind of projects correctly is of paramount importance. We also generate  substantial analytical data on projects, giving realtime feedback on the number of people engaged with a title.


Gamers attach positive experiences to gameplay and interactive experiences; people generally report positive experiences from exposure to such works. They are learning in ways that might surprise us: such as developing patience and perseverance, or understanding a viewpoint outside of their own. Gamers also see games as a vehicle to explore wider issues: a recent US survey found that 52% of gamers report playing games where they think about moral and ethical issues.

Games and other digital experiences have reach, engagement and social currency. Now is the time to explore how this can work for you.

To start the conversation contact us or tweet @gamethenewsnet.