Addictive Statistics

Guess the Correlation is the brainchild of PhD student Omar Wagih and is using players scores to support his research into bioinformatics. It is another perfect example of how it is possible to take a difficult subject matter and make it interesting, educational, fun or in this case all of the above and incredibly addictive to top it off.

Very simple in it’s mechanics and reels you in by giving you a false sense of security that you are getting the hang of it. This is through throwing in correlations at either end of spectrum, these are the ones you start to recognise quickly, it’s the ones in between that are maddening. The range from 0.5 to 0.90 sometimes seem like a complete stab in the dark and you’ll be so far off you’ll wonder if it’s messing with you.

We challenge you to play three rounds and not get addicted! Click here to play.

Guess The Corrlation

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