Apple and the Political Debate

With our personal experience of Apple’s policy on games and politics, Endgame:Syria, it’s nice to see that with enough push from the online community they will relax their stance. Although it does beg to wonder why this is still on a game by game basis and why Apple have taken this stance in the first place. Especially when it seems that certain games slip through the net.

Screenshot_2016-05-18-22-47-43-thumb-480x300-21188In May 2016, Wired featured an article around ‘Liyla & the Shadows of War’, a heartbreaking game created by Rasheed Abueideh, based on actual events during the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Apple originally rejected Rasheed’s submission to the App Store on the basis that it could not be categorised as game due to its political nature. After an online outcry, the decision was recently overturned, however this is not the end of the issue. With another game, ‘Israeli Heros’ (an Angry Birds style game where your goal is to fling cartoon missiles and “destroy our enemies”) being categorised as a game since Oct 2013, it does make you wonder what’s going on with the decision-making process on these games, but hey, at least they can admit when they’re wrong.

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