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Gamifying ‘Jack the Ripper’ – A New GameTheNews Title

Today, Friday 8 November 2013, Bristol-based indie announces its latest development, a new title based on the infamous ‘Jack […]

Snowdon’s Endless Run – The Game

The NSA hacking story, brought to light by the leaks of Edward Snowdon are currently major news and will be […]

Call of Moral Duty – Making Games for Change

We’ve been making newsgames with the aim of engaging people with real world issues such as the war in Syria […]

Sources for NarcoGuerra: Researching The War on Drugs

This article looks at the sources we used for the game NarcoGuerra,’s look at the war on drugs. The […]


       “NarcoGuerra is Risk applied to the war on drugs; it’s hard, it’s political, it’s really quite good.” […]

Endgame: Eurasia

Released on iOS as Endgame:Eurasia, this would have been Endgame:Syria for iPhone/iPad.  We created Endgame:Syria back in the winter of […]

Cow Crusher

Run your own meat processing plant and ensure that its 100% beef in this fun game and irreverent comment on […]

Climate Defense

Climate Defense is a Tower Defense game around the issue of climate change made in just 1 week. On the […]

My Cotton Picking Life

How long will you spend picking cotton in this exploration of child labor in Uzbekistan? This game comes originally from […]

Free Zee French Hens

  Can you help our puzzling revolutionary hero burrow into the hen house to free all of zee French Hens […]