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Twin Calling Birds

  Twin Calling Birds is a free fun action game where the player must help the super-fast calling birds escape […]

The Design & Sources for Endgame Syria

Introduction This is an article that will explore some of the sources used and design issues faced in building the […]

Save the Rhino: Army vs Poachers

Help the South African Army stop poachers from killing rhinos over the vast plains of Africa in this gamified take […]

Endgame: Syria

    “…not only a brave initiative [but] a great game..” – Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of the […]

CFBDSIR2149 Was Alone

Can you guide the orphan planet CFBDSIR2149 though the depths of space, avoiding bad suns and black holes to its […]

Trick Rocket: Gaming SpaceX’s News

Rockets take off, but normally they don’t land, but in Trick Rocket they do both – if you can control […]

GlowRacer 2013

Welcome to the future of driving! This game explores the concept of smart roads, putting you in the driving seat […]

Freedom of Information: The Game

Freedom of Information is about your right to know. This fun puzzle game explores processes & tensions of a journalist […]

Moral Kombat: The Presidential Debate Game

How good are your debating skills? Play either Romney or Obama in this fun typing take on the 2012 US […]