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NarcoGuerra and Endgame:Syria on Auroch Digital’s Twitch channel – GameTheNews Special

Every Thursday at 16:30 (UK time), Auroch Digital hosts an hour long stream, playing a variety of games from its […]

Have you Gamed the News?

At GameTheNews, we are always on the lookout for projects that parallel, educate or comment on real-world events such politics, […]

Game the Election! It’s Ballot Bots

GameTheNews has been working with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat to produce a game tied in to the upcoming UK general […]

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Gamifying ‘Jack the Ripper’ – A New GameTheNews Title

Today, Friday 8 November 2013, Bristol-based indie announces its latest development, a new title based on the infamous ‘Jack […]


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Sources for NarcoGuerra: Researching The War on Drugs

This article looks at the sources we used for the game NarcoGuerra,’s look at the war on drugs. The […]