My Cotton Picking Life used in phD study!

We’re honoured that Dr. Ruud Jacobs, in his phD on his study of persuasive games, chose a GameTheNews project as […]

Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

To buy the game via Paypal, check out the options below! For more information about the game scroll down past […]

Floppy Candidate is The Washington Post’s new political game that’s got us in a flap

We always love seeing organisations that aren’t typically associated with games trying their hand at the medium, none more so […]

Ever wanted to build your own drug cartel? Narcos: Cartel Wars has you covered

We’ve talked about our own NarcoGuerra on these pages before, as well as a GameTheNews Twitch special in which we […]

Latest Dark Future: Blood Red States video explains how the game has been shaped by science

Over on the official Dark Future: Blood Red States blog there’s a smashing post about how real-world science has helped […]

Using VR and brain training to help paraplegics walk

At Duke University there has been a study using VR and non-invasive brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). They have been using this technology […]

Playing at Science – Tomas Rawlings

Earlier this month, we looked at the winning game for the Longitude Prize’s search for a game to raise awareness […]

Educational Apps and E-learning – When is it too much?

There is lots of talk about the benefits of using gaming as a very effective platform for encouraging audiences, particularly young […]

Superbugs – Can You Defend Humanity Against the Resistance?

The resistance to antibiotics is a big problem, a problem that the Longitude Prize feels is so big that in […]

The Perfect Game if EU Want Control Over the Referendum

The build up to today has been relentless, with both the Leave and Remain campaigns picking up speed and all […]