The World, Made Playable 

At GameTheNews, we wanted games to transcend ‘throwaway fun’. Our objective was to examine current events and news topics from a different perspective, by putting the player into the narrative in order to bring a more visceral, tangible feeling to these topics. By allowing the player to experience the choices that those affected have to make, we hoped to achieve two things; change people’s perspective of ‘gaming’ and what purpose it can serve, and  also to invite debate and raise awareness about the news and events themselves. We’ve had our games covered in Wired, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Kotaku, among others.


Successfully Kickstarted physical card game Elections of US America Election: The Card Game. GameTheNews’s first foray into crowdfunding.

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GTN was a project by Auroch Digital Ltd, an indie developer based in Bristol, U.K.

We have developed titles on Steam, iOS and Android such as Last Days of Old Earth, Chainsaw Warrior and its sequel, Lords of the Night, and the upcoming Dark Future: Blood Red States, the latter three in collaboration with Games Workshop. We are also one of the world’s leading deliverers of Game Jams having produced a number including ‘Gamify Your PhD’ and ‘XX Game Jam’, the first all women jam in the world!

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