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The easiest way to get in touch with us is by sending an email. Send any general enquiries here.

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Contact us here about partnering or advertising enquiries and other business-related queries.

Press Enquiry

Part of the press? Let’s talk! Whether you want info, press kits, or just want to say hello, we’re more than happy to chat over at Auroch Digital.


We’d love to hear some feedback on our games as we’re constantly striving to make better ones. Let us know!

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Privacy Policy

If you email us, we may invite you to join our Auroch Digital mailing list or email you about our projects. However that’s it. We’ll never pass your details to anyone beyond Auroch Digital without your permission. We are not fans of spam either.

Facebook Apps

For apps and games that access Facebook, we only post information generated by the game or app (such as score) to your profile.  These are set as public postings by default.  We don’t access your information at all nor use any permissions to your profile to gather any data about you.  The permissions for the games and apps we create can be seen, edited or revoked via your Account Settings/Apps page on Facebook.

Marketing Information

If you have signed-up to follow us either at Auroch Digital or as part of the GameTheNews via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other means we may use this connection to tell you about news related to GameTheNews and our games and apps.  If you email us about something, we may reply and invite you to join our mailing lists and/or other social media network connected to our games or apps. We may also email you with important news about our games.  However we will never share your information with any third-party without your permission.

Data Heuristics

Some of our games and apps may use data heuristics such as Flurry. If so we only gather summarized data and do not use this to track individual users. We are limited to the functionality of the platforms we use such as the App Store or Google Play, however we would never use any embedded functionality that these system may embed to track individuals. was a project of Auroch Digital Ltd.