Educational Apps and E-learning – When is it too much?

There is lots of talk about the benefits of using gaming as a very effective platform for encouraging audiences, particularly young audiences, to engage with serious topics. As this has become more and more popular, the use of games and apps for education is at an all time high. However, we still don’t really know how much is too much for little people to be spending in front of a screen, or what damage that can do.


A recent article on discusses this at great length, with the main point being that the growth of tablets, apps for children and technology for under-3s has been so fast, research hasn’t had a hope in keeping up.

There are some suggestions that for children under the age of 3, too much screen time can lead to issues such as ADHD as they become used to fast, vibrant images which don’t reflect real life. Whilst the article touches on problems such as the addictiveness of rapidly triggering the reward pathway in their brains, it seems that the biggest concern amongst professionals is the lack of interaction with other people that children who are exposed to too much screen time will get.

To read the full article click here.

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