Elections of US America Election: The Card Game Update

UPDATE: After an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the game is now available to purchase worldwide! Check out the game page to order your copy now!


Elections of US America Election: The Card Game is a snarky, dark, hilarious new card game based on the upcoming US elections.

The game features a blend of real-world modern political candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders, as well as candidates from fantasy and history, like Cthulhu and Abraham Lincoln.


In the game, players campaign for votes by playing Candidate cards – each of which appeal to varying degrees to various voter archetypes – with the hope of amassing more votes than their opponent. Players also get to use powerful ‘Wonk Cards’ which change the flow of the game, steal votes, or otherwise mess with an adversary’s best-laid political plans. It’s a fun, social card game played together around the dinner table, it gives insights into the political process and allows you to stab your friends and family in the back in exchange for power – hurrah!

Now canvassing for your support, Elections of US America Election: The Card Game’s Kickstarter page is now live, and Backer Rewards include digital games from Auroch Digital’s back-catalogue, limited editions, T-shirts, game design opportunities, and more.


For further information about Elections of US America Election: The Card Game, visit the Kickstarter page –bit.ly/wonkthevote


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