Jack the Ripper: Shadow Over Whitechapel

In 1888 a series of murders happened that shocked the world. The killer was never caught and has gone into history with the infamous title, ‘Jack the Ripper’. What are the reasons that Jack the Ripper remains arguably the world’s most infamous serial killer over 125 years after his crimes? Is it the shocking brutality of the crimes themselves, in a time in history where death was commonplace? Is it the many mysteries which surround the murders, such as the potential political or religious motivations, or the alleged police cover-ups?

The topics that the crimes and their perpetrator raise, such as police procedures and forensic studies of the day, as well as attitudes towards women and the working-class, are a subject of fascination in their own right. This project aims to explore the many tangents of this captivating yet macabre case. Here at GameTheNews we’ve been working on a new type of game, one that uses our newsgaming skills and builds on them; Playable Documentary. The project code-named ‘JtR125‘ is now been revealed as ‘Jack the Ripper: Shadow Over Whitechapel‘ and is our first Playable Documentary. This is how it will look:

A recreation of London 1888.

Our unique art-style is based on contemporary newspapers of the time:

The Police Illustrated News of 1888

We’re still doing the research and development on the project but there is more info here:

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