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Earlier this month, we looked at the winning game for the Longitude Prize’s search for a game to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance. As a lead up to this, at the beginning of the year, our very own Dr Tomas Rawlings wrote an article for them on the subject of how video games and science can work together.

As Tom is the Design and Production Director of Auroch Digital, and the creator of its initiative GameTheNews, he is often asked to talk or write about his experiences with gaming being used to tackle news topics and how successful this can be.

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In the article, Tom references the case where gamers, through playing the game Fold-It, deciphered the structure of the Mason-Pfizer Monkey virus. This was a problem that had been left unsolved for over 15 years, showing not only that games can be a successful way to increase awareness of a difficult topic, but also by using games to approach a problem from a different angle and different set of eyes, we can begin to solve problems that conventional methods have yet to crack.

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