Superbugs – Can You Defend Humanity Against the Resistance?

The resistance to antibiotics is a big problem, a problem that the Longitude Prize feels is so big that in 2014 they launched a challenge, calling all innovators from around the world, to help them tackle it before 2019. The multi-million pound challenge brings the focus to creating a diagnostic test which reduces the prescription of antibiotics when they are not needed, and therefore slowing the rate of resistance.

Part of this challenge was a task to create a game which would engage young people and raise their awareness of the issue. In response to this task, games studio Preloaded created the award-winning game, Superbugs, in which the player must fend off the drug resistant bacteria in a colourful petri dish setting.


Experts estimate that by 2050, these drug resistant superbugs could kill up to 10 million people per year. Therefore it is vital that awareness is raised and gaming is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage, particularly with young audiences, in serious topics.


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