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Here’s a quick breakdown of simple fixes for issues you may find with our games, and how you might resolve them.  NB: We also makes games over at our parent company, Auroch Digital. If you experience issues with any Auroch Digital games, send over as much info as possible along with your game log to


Running via HTML5

Our web-games (like the ones on this site) use HTML5. If you’ve got an up-to-date browser, then it should work just fine. Try the HTML5 Test by clicking the logo below to see if your browser is compatible.



Can I play on my Smartphone device?
Yes, HTML5 Apps are viewable on any smart phone device so even Blackberry and Windows owners can play. Our games are also optimised for touch so all you need is a web browser and your set!

The game doesn't fit on my mobile screen
Our games vary in size so some may not fit on your devices screen. The good news for iOS users is that there’s a fullscreen button which often resolves this.

Unfortunately Android does not have this capability but we are looking into it!


Why are the games laggy/slow?
This problem usually occurs if you are running Internet Explorer as it does not support WebGL. There is a pluggin to fix this however at If the problem persists try using another browser.

Sellbox Paypal Problem
You’ve selected to buy the game and the Paypal box has opened in the middle of the screen, but when you click on the login button nothing is happening – the problem is your browser’s popup blocker is stopping the new window from opening.  Click on the icon on the top-right to open the popup blocking menu and select to follow the link.  There is more info in chrome here.

Sellbox Download Problem
We’re using Sellbox to share some of our games.  This uses Paypal to collect the payment then Sellbox to give you the file.  If you’ve completed the purchase via Paypal and gone to the Sallbox page, but no download of the game seems to be happening. It may be that the browser window is not fully showing the button.  In the image below the button is obscured – simply click on the narrow bar yellow/gold bar indicated by the red arrow.

This is what is visible of the download button.




My game has frozen / will not load / is crashing, how do I fix this?

Try closing the app completely from the home screen of your device. To do this double-click the home button to bring up the taskbar, then press and hold any of the apps on the taskbar for a couple of seconds or so until they start shaking, then press the ‘-‘ in the top left of the app to close it, and touch any part of the screen above the taskbar to stop the shaking again and close the taskbar.

If that doesn’t work then you could try a reset of your device. To do this press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear — you won’t lose any content.


The sound in my game has stopped working, how do I get it back?
Turn the sound on, off and then on again and restart the device, sound should reappear.
I am having an issue with a game on my jail broken device
We cannot assist with issues on jail broken devices.
I have forgotten my iTunes account email or password, can you help?
We have no access to any iTunes account information. You will need to contact Apple customer support for assistance in this matter.


Thank you for your patience. One of the advantages to producing in HTML5 is that we can continually and seamlessly optimise and update our games, so don’t fret!  If you happen to run into issues or have any questions that aren’t answered above, please contact us, giving as much detail as possible as this helps us speed up the process!

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