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Global talking point Endgame: Syria

Global talking point Endgame: Syria

We are the world’s first news correspondents who cover global events as games. As news breaks, we create own own twist on events in a playable form. We are gamers at heart, so we speak game fluently – we also share an interest in the real world too and so want to explore what is going on around us. We think that one way to explain news is via the international language of play, so we use games as a medium to explore issues and events: we game the news.

The project is still at beta – in that we’re still exploring how games can mesh with news.  We’ve had these games published on Wired (for examples click here and here) and on the Huffington Post too.

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GTN is a project by Auroch Digital Ltd, one of the world’s leading video game consultancies. Having worked with partners from Wellcome Trust, UK Parliament, UKIE and many more, Auroch Digital has delivered a range of gaming services from production to gaming strategies. They are also one of the world’s leading deliverers of Game Jams having produced a number including Gamify Your PhD and XX Game Jam, the first all women jam in the world.

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