Endgame: Eurasia

Released on iOS as Endgame:Eurasia, this would have been Endgame:Syria for iPhone/iPad.  We created Endgame:Syria back in the winter of 2012. We wanted to use games as a way of talking about news and current affairs. Our thinking was that if games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Company of Heroes, Commandos, Counter Strike can all talk about war and make references to the real world, then why can’t games also help us to understand it? However the App Store has guidelines about what you can and can’t cover in games and apps. Apple are happy for people to uses books as a medium for controversial topics, just not games.

We tried three times to get the games passed, making changes each time, for example we attempted to remove references to real groups and people:

How Endgame:Syria changed to try and pass the App Store.

But in the end we found that to get the game passed we’d have to remove any reference not only to real world groups and people, but the the country of Syria itself.  So we created Endgame:Eurasia to release the game in a form we could pass onto the App Store:


You can play the original at: bit.ly/endgamesyria.  There is a big list of all the articles that relate to the release of the game and the App Store issue here.  Also there is a longer discussion and links about responses to the game here.

Endgame Eurasia to Syria Conversion Guide

As such we had to substitute the real locations and groups for fictional ones. Here’s a handy cut out-&-keep guide to the original text for the game to help turn it back into a newsgame!

  • Advisors = Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution
  • Aquilonia = Libya
  • Celephaïs = EU
  • Eastasia = Iraq
  • Elysia = Russia
  • Eurasia/Disputed Area = Syria
  • G’harne = Aleppo
  • Kadath = France
  • Lincoln Isle = Britain
  • Lomar = Iran
  • Militants = Mujaheddin or Hezbollah
  • Oceania = Lebanon
  • Opar = Qatar
  • Regime = Bashir’s Government
  • Sarnath = Damascus
  • State Backers = Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • State Militia = Shabiha Militia
  • Tsalal = Turkey
  • Tanah Masa = Saudi Arabia
  • Ulthar = China
  • Unistat = US
  • Zothique = Venezuela

Note: All locations in this are selected at random from existing older and out of copyright sources, so any perceived link between the new location and the original is purely coincidental. Thanks, The GTN Team!