Endgame: Syria


“…not only a brave initiative [but] a great game..” AppsZoom.com – Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of the ongoing civil war.  Can you make the choices to win peace as well as war?

Updated! Version 2.1 is now on PC, Mac and Android. Version 1.2 is available to play here as HTML5 and on Facebook (note if you downloaded the previous version, for technical reasons we’re not able to update that version, so you’ll need to install the new version v2.1 and delete the old version 1.0, sorry, our bad!)  We did try to get the game on to iPhone/iPad too, and managed, sort of…as Endgame:Eurasia.

Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of events unfolding in Syria today. It is a news-game; a simulation that uses interactivity to explore a real world event. It is available for free on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and is also on Android or as a HTML5 game  (see above for links).  You can also get the game for free on PC via Desura & GameJolt.

Developed in around two weeks, the game allows users to explore the options open to the Syrian rebels as they push the conflict to its endgame. Each choice the user makes as consequences – the types of military units you may deploy, the political paths you choose to tread. Not only does each choice impact the current situation but your choices may also impact the final outcome. Users can play and replay events to see how different choices on the ground might lead to different outcomes. (You can see our sources for the game here.)

Will you choose to accept peace at any cost? What if the war goes badly and the only options left mean more extreme actions; would you agree to follow this path? Can you win the war and the peace that follows? Find out in Endgame Syria. (Note: the game has been approved by softpedia.com as clean and free of spyware, but not of controversy!)

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  1. Ronald

    This game is either an extremely biting satire on hyperreality and ‘news’ as ‘entertainment’, or, as I suspect, it’s shockingly opportunistic and shameful. This horror is actually happening, people, right now. It’s not something for you to ‘play’ on your iPhone in your own comfortable world.

  2. Wow, war is so complex.. can I play this on my phone somehow?

  3. Author

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the comments. We had to draw lines around the scope of the game in places – time and sides being one. We did add Israel more recently, so there is an event card about that – you might not have encountered it it!



  4. Alan Levy

    Tomas, this game is very addictive and a lot of fun.

    My only complaint is that the player can’t choose to be the Regime. I understand that the game is to illustrate the rebel plight, but I think the learning experience would be greater if the player can also see things from the Regime’s point of view. (As repulsive as it may be.)

    Also, I’m not sure why you left Israel out of the game. If I understand correctly, they did attack WMD sites in Syria. Perhaps that can be an event in the game.

  5. free

    Great game . Don’t get upset by the regime’s minions’ comments. The regime gives only them “luxurious” things like electricity and Internet .
    I once had a peace offer with no option to reject , is that a bug ?

  6. Author

    We make games rapidly so in some areas we can’t polish as much as a normal game – such as menu options. Thanks

  7. assmaael

    I am a young Syrian
    Civil engineering student
    Not to love computer games, but curiosity I wanted to download the game.
    In response to my son in Syria, I am oppressed of the Assad regime and has been arrested twice for filming peaceful demonstrations, I could not take up arms against the sons of Syria led to traveled outside the country. I am against the Assad regime and hate arms too. But Assad and his aides made ​​us so
    Thank you

  8. Oliver

    Why can’t I turn the sound off?

  9. Author

    The YPG have been clashing with both sides – which happens in the game: http://www.vice.com/read/meet-the-ypg Thanks

  10. Mustafa_p

    Its not enough there are propaganda news 24/7, showing proxy terrorists as heroes, there has to be a game too for the sheeps. It doesnt take much to see the another side, think again Tomas. I wonder why the free world dont support people from other foreign backed oppressing dictatorships in the region??? One word: conspiracy and you’re all falling for it. Btw, I had no idea YPG was fighting the Syrian Army, oh really?

  11. Herman

    In reality, it is a war between a desperate and opressed people for more than 40 years and a criminal regime led by a killer pseudo president who is killing the people along with his criminal and rogue countries like russia, iran and in hidding Some wetern countriesl.the rebels do not have enough experience and weopens because the are by majority civilians turned to military because they had to after the killing of their own families.this regime does not deserve a game because he could fall due to some cruise missiles.i consider what is happening in syria now is the genocide of the twenty one century.

  12. Author

    Thanks Tanseem for the feedback. Sound like you did indeed get what the game way trying to to. Tomas

  13. Tanseem

    Well great effort Tomas…

    I think the message behind the game (to the Syrians) is that gains (or consolidation) on the political ground helps more to winning the conflict than gain on the battlefield…the key to winning the game is holding to your support and avoiding mujaheddin/heavy weaponry/assassinations – a calculated “loss” would cost you less than a “costly” win …

    Now whether this reflects reality is something to be discussed and argued…

    Thanks any way..

  14. nico

    cheers. I like this game btw, I think it’s a fairly good attempt to map a very complex problem to a pretty easy to understand cards game; it lacks some depth but considering the dev time it’s really good.
    some other comments and questions (I played it quite a number of times now)
    – does it matter if you leave a neutralization empty or not?
    – it would be nice to be able to remove cards before committing
    – sometimes rebel support is far lower than it should be according to cards (or even zero) and it is not clear why (after political phase, ie. I add 15 + 13 support and it ends up +0 support even though the regime played only +atk and + res cards)
    – would be interesting to add field medics/makeshift hospitals to the military phase (maybe counter the effects of some heavy attack cards, with low support cost)
    – would be interesting to add bad weather (increase support cost to play infantry on both sides maybe?)
    – having “palestinians” on the rebel side but the PFLP-GC on regime side is a bit silly, if you use a particular group on one side you should also use particular groups on the other. (especially as you feature the hezb too … the various palestinian groups and their wider allegiances are a complex topic in itself in this war imho, and reaching into lebanon and …)
    – where are the syrian women?
    – there should imho be more resilience enhancing cards(politics)/high res cards (military) for rebels because:

    – currently the game can be “won” (no agreement ever) just by focussing mainly on gaining and not losing support. It’s often better to let yourself being shot to pieces rather than counter an attack, or maybe there’s a lack of fine tuning. ie. sending the mujahedeen against tanks is basically more expensive in terms of support than just accepting the casualties. or comm against tank, costs 5 but rids the regime of the risk of fallout; often better to not do it and suffer the losses. I tend to if at all possible only use infantry, use comm equip only against planes and expensive units like the mujahedeen very scarcely.

  15. Author

    I chose how I wanted the game to work, and that was to show a specific part of the larger picture. Thanks for checking the game out.

  16. Author

    Thanks for letting us know, we’ll check it out. Tomas

  17. Author

    No not at all, either side can win or it can end with a peace agreement. Thanks for checking the game out. Tomas

  18. Author

    You can via HTML5, above and we’re looking into a PC version currently. Thanks.

  19. Martin

    This game is great! It shows the truth about how the war in Syria is REALLY happening, and not the Republican propaganda that is being spread about this and Palestine. I hope that Apple is given bad feedback and many complaints for denying this app on their App Market, and I hope that Tomas makes many more great apps that tell the truth about the World politically and morally.

  20. Abdulkader

    Can I play it on my PC?

  21. manson

    so this game result is always rebels lose !?

  22. nico

    there often is a “costs regime support” line on the bottom of a card, even though the main text indicates rebel support loss.

  23. AliSmart

    Hey Mr Tomas,

    I’m a syrian pro-government programmer, studying at the regime universities and i am grateful for such a regime who enable people in Syria to study by free in the national schools and universities..

    with all my thanks to your effort in designing such a game about my country but i can’t play the “Terrorists” side , in my city , everyday we hear ambulance passing nearby transfering martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army.

    I am sorry for not giving technical notes , but i have only political ones..

    you can reach me on spoj.com as a problem-setter.

  24. Author

    You make some good points there and I will check them out and incorporate some of this into the next update!



  25. Author

    np, and thanks for checking the game out! Tomas

  26. Itkovian

    Ah – my mistake. I see what it does now. I thought it would mean I could only place 2 actions but it actually means I only get to choose from 6 instead of 8.

  27. Itkovian

    I don’t think that when the regime plays the card to remove 2 actions in the military phase, it is actually working. I may have misunderstood though.

  28. syrian

    my respects to your sources and knowledge but I’m Syrian from a Kurdish city “Qamishly” in the north east of Syria (you can see it on the map)
    YPG don’t fight the regime forces but it protects the Kurdish cities in the north east of Syria (al-hasaka region)
    and Palestinians do the same (al yarmouk camp in Damascus)
    so they are not involved in the conflict between the FSA and regime forces
    we can contact on the e-mail ( if you want it of course )
    because there any many points you dont see it because you are not syrian and not all of what is on Media is right
    i would be very grateful if let me to tell you my ideas
    many thanks

  29. Author

    All good point. I put the rebels as a bit less experienced than the existing army and with much more variability in quality of weapons and training, so overall slightly less in stat terms. However I can see that perhaps introducing a new rebel unit later in the conflict that has that street fighting experience might reflect more of events as now.

    Re the YPG and Palestinian, see our Sources page for info on why we chose to add them as such: http://gamethenews.net/index.php/the-design-sources-for-endgame-syria/

    We went with Mujahdin as there seemed to be more than one group operating in that mode. Also we have a defection card already in the game, you might not have had it come up in your time playing.

    You make some great game design points, though! We’re hoping to update soon so some of this discussion may go in! Thanks, Tomas

  30. syrian

    in political turn for the regime you can put siege the cities option to make the rebels lose their power and that is a fact on the ground
    and about the ‘mujahdin’ you may call them in their real name “jabhet al nousra’
    which is an Islamic movement fighting along the FSA
    you can add an option for the rebels in political turn that is ” the Deseret of a high regime figure” to low the regime points

  31. syrian

    firstly about the weapons used by the rebels:they don’t use tanks but anti tanks rockets such as RPGs , and the Palestinian and the YPG don’t fight against the regime
    and there is the security forces which are more than 100,000 and they are fighting along the regime

    rebels infantry must be more powerful than the regime’s because they are fighting in their cities and they uses the guerrilla warfare which normal armies can handle it

  32. Author

    Thanks – You can post suggestions here if you want, that would be ace! Tomas

  33. syrian

    Hi Tomas, it is a GOOD game, I’m from Syria and I’m interested in your game,I have some hints to make your game more realistic if you would hear me

  34. Author

    Because I wanted the game to explore a specific theme: that of a disparate group taking on a well armed state. Thanks for the kind words though!

  35. Tim

    Hi, very cool game. But why i dont can play as Baschar al-Assad?

  36. Bhumi

    Waiting for EndGame: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Turkey or even Greece.

  37. Author

    Possibly soon – watch this space! Tomas

  38. Romeo

    Thanks a lot for interesting our issue , and i want to know if there is a version of the game for PC

  39. Author

    There clearly is a war there. Anyway one of the things Endgame:Syria does is show that this is a proxy war with countries looking to see how it fits their own interests. Sadly a tale as old a war itself…

  40. Mohammad

    Glad it’s rejected

    War in Syria started with the Zionist propaganda in media

    There is no Civil war in Syria .. Syrian people are not killing each other .. it’s a war between the regime against Alqaaeda and Wahabies terrorists

    America wants the Syrian regime to break the relations with Iran and hezboallah that’s what this war is all about

  41. harryo

    Just listen to John Lenon – imagine

    and i imagine: gamers for peace on steam…..and not only gamers….Peace and out.

    Yeah, “i am a dreamer” too 😀

  42. harryo

    Do it & good luck!

  43. Author

    Hmmm. be interesting to put it to Greenlight….


  44. harryo

    Sry Tomas. Browser games are nice at work, but for my taste at home they sux 😉 I wanna play a good game fullscreen. harryo

    ps: and for such a topic Syria you guys should take all the work on your shoulders. For peace and freedom in Syria & to clear all our minds: War is not a solution – Maybe steam will take than this freegame. this will be interesting to find out.

  45. Author

    Thanks Cynthia!

  46. Cynthia Gee

    I played the game. WOW! I didn’t read any of the information before I played. I thought this game was interesting. I did some research after I played & the facts checked out. Most people don’t realize how war is a domino affect. Makes you think what would you do? Everyone says nothing good comes from war. Well that is not actually true. We all should LEARN especially about people no natter what there back ground is & try to get along (that includes the government). This is a wonderful game if people look at it as a learning experience instead of a role playing shooter game. I hope more people who play this game they take away something that will make think about the problems in the world. Good luck. Keep making games you would want to play & other people will to.

  47. Author

    Same to you Harryo – most of our games run on HTML5 too, so with a current web browser, you can play them. Thanks, Tomas

  48. harryo

    Happy new year everybody,

    it would be kind to port the game for windows, apple and linux users. Not everybody is using a smartphone – me included.

    Steam is a big platform btw….+ moddb.com, desura.com….

    Love, peace & harmony! haryo

  49. Author

    Depending on the model you have, it should work. You can download the .apk file to test it from the link above. Thanks

  50. Timothy

    wow…i really want to play this game…but I cant find it on my HTC desire S ..whats the min spec for this game?

  51. mohamad

    there is free syrian army < it is not rebeal there is revolution against the killer president bashar assad who kills the kids by air force the people of syria want to drop the terrorist bashar assad

  52. Author

    Hi there, the experience we wanted to create was about the dilemma of taking on a large, well equipped army as a disparate rebel group, and how other countries responded to that. We are chatting about this over here: https://www.facebook.com/GameTheNews

  53. Hilal

    Why don’t you make it possible to play with the regime side?!

  54. Author

    Glad you like the game. What we did was make the 3rd middle star on the flag semi-transparent to show it as something coming and not complete yet, as the revolution is still in progress. Great that you noticed it though! Tomas

  55. Nice game but I have a note for the background of the game there aware of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and this flag does not represent the Syrian revolution change requests to the Syrian flag independence and this is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Syria-flag_1932-58_1961-63.svg

  56. Author

    Hi Coburg, thanks for the feedback. We’ll have a look at it and see what can be added. Tomas

  57. Author


  58. Author

    Thanks for the comments, Frederik!

  59. Frederik

    Personally I found this game very interesting, Its gives a better idea how complex this war is.
    And that clearly this civil war is getting internationalised. It even reminds me a litlle to the spannish civil war.

    Furthremore It ponder me the question what happens when the rebels win or a factions wins the biggest influence in the peace negotiations ?

    A civil war without end ? Ethnic Cleansing ? or A stable democratic country or A Islamic Republic ?
    Many questions and not allot of answers for the moment.

    Annyway the point is that civilians always pay the price in these kind of dirty wars …


  60. Coburg

    Some suggestions and observations:
    – Ability to remove cards once placed on the playing field (…unless, there’s a button I’m not clicking).
    – Ability to turn sound off
    – Rather than just showing your change in support after the end of each round, show the change for Regime as well
    – Not sure the Hypocrisy card actually works to reduce Rebel actions
    – Culture loss results in loss of support for Regime, although card mentions Rebels

  61. Coburg

    Wonderful idea of using a game to explore the current situation in Syria. Regardless of your political bent.

  62. Author

    We don’t agree, but thanks for stopping by to let us know your thoughts.

  63. Author

    Hi tactfulgamer, thanks for checking it out. Might be worth refreshing the browser cache and it should play then for you? Thanks Tomas.

  64. erk

    Glad it got rejected…
    It’s really bad propaganda disguised as entertainment..

  65. tactfulgamer

    Ok, I found html above but it’s not working very well. Freezes, does not load up all the way. I was trying to play it on my iPad 3rd Generation.

  66. tactfulgamer

    I am disappointed apple denied your app guys I just read it on pockettactics.com. This really upsets me – shame. What I like about your game from what I see, I am a card battler gamer, magic the gathering. Your game seems to mix those elements but with politics & war involved very intriguing.

    Pockettactic.com mentioned you have a ios friendly HTML version available to play here. Where is it located?

  67. Author

    Thanks for that, we’ll sort that out. Tomas

  68. Your tutorial has a typo in the Military Phase language – that should say “for the LOSING side”. Please fix that….

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