Moral Kombat: The Presidential Debate Game


How good are your debating skills? Play either Romney or Obama in this fun typing take on the 2012 US elections as you battle over ideas.

If you’ve ever taken part in a full-on debate, you’ll know it is hard work.  You’ve got to make sure you get your point over, while not monopolising the space.  You’ve got to listen and be responsive yet also come across as assertive.  It’s about timing and balance and oration.  As if all that was not hard enough, you’ve then got to do this while people watch on and you try to articulate a point, keep an eye on the audience reaction, watch the moderator and keep your opponent in check.

Simples?  Not really.  In this game we’ve simulated 1% of the experience   You need to type out your point before your opponent completes their counter point.  The first candidate to type out a point knocks debate energy from his opponent.  The first candidate to drain their opponent’s debate energy wins this round and knows a few points of their opponents poll, gaining a bump in popularity.  Then it’s on to the next one!

(This game was first published on the Huffington Post)


Please note: This game is not currently available



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