Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

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‘Elections of US America Election: The Card Game’ brings together the best snark of political website Wonkette with the game design smarts of game developer Auroch Digital’s ‘GameTheNews’ initiative to create the greatest social card game in political history, mostly because it’s the FIRST ONE IN HISTORY TOO! (Maybe.)

You as the player take on the role of a campaign manager trying to get your candidate into the White House. However, the road to power in Washington, D.C. is no smooth path. Each player must build up a team of slick political operatives, deploy a host of dirty (and clean) tricks, and indulge in general skullduggery of your opponents to ensure your candidate wins the presidency.

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After being successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter (and receiving Kickstarter’s ‘Projects We Love’ badge!), the game is available to pre-order now! Use the button above to be redirected to the Wonkette Bazaar (we’re handling the UK and Europe orders).

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